The Sun

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. Worried about that fair maiden I care so deeply about across the shoreline where she once grew up. She’s my age now, mid-twenties like myself. When she told me about how the storm would be the end of the place where she used to live I just couldn’t control myself. I’d never been there personally, only know of it from her really. It was a nice community where everyone managed to get along despite the economy. But now… well the storm seems to have other things in mind for that place. I can’ shake my mind from the fact that so many people will have lost what once precious to them. Material goods are one thing but losing a home? That’s something nobody should have to experience. I’ve lost my home due to finances that were out of my control, but they were in someone else’s. With a storm though? Nobody has any influence and that’s what terrifies me the most. Sure you can take precautions but that’s about as much agency as you have to protect your humble abode. Shutters maybe? A storm basement for personal safety? Evacuating might be the smartest option of the bunch but to me, none of them fix the actual issue. There’s something to be said about the genuine feeling of helplessness that arises from being unable to do anything to protect that which you care about. I’ve been there. I’ve seen bad weather personified from bad bosses that continue to oppress those I love. I’ve seen human tornadoes and establishments that were simply created with a desire to do as they please. Perhaps it’s the act of indifference that I find the most unsettling. Maybe it’s the fact that there are people out there that are like the weather, cold, callous, and indifferent to anyone’s needs but their own. How did they become this way? Was it just that they simply came into existence as some sort of being deigned to do as they please? Or were they perhaps bountiful sunlight at some point and one storm too many permanently ceased their ability to radiate and become a storm themselves? There’s days where I can acutely feel my light fading and it hurts. There are people in my life who firmly believe in me as the heliocentric model for emotional stability in their lives and truth be told, I’m scared if they’ll be alright if my light fades out of existence due to circumstances beyond my control. I want to cleanse the dark storm over the horizon and bring peace. I don’t want to fade into nothingness because of pain and suffering, I want to be the Sun, their Sun.

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